Bitcoin and Ethereum classification debate

Is Crypto a Security or Commodity? The debate continues into 2024

Is crypto a security or commodity? The debate unfolds as the SEC advocates for treating crypto as securities, implying stricter oversight, while the CFTC leans towards a commodities classification, offering broader operational leeway. Although there’s partial consensus on regulatory approaches, significant inconsistencies persist, complicating the crypto regulatory environment.

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Legal challenges in construction projects

2024 Independent Contractor Rule

The 2024 Independent Contractor Rule by the Department of Labor revises the “economic realities test” to tighten classifications, aiming to ensure workers are appropriately categorized under the Fair Labor Standards Act. It adds clarity on investments and work control, emphasizing a detailed analysis of employment relationships to prevent misclassification.

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Illustration of a vibrant Florida landscape with palm trees and sunshine

Exploring the Best Florida Venture Capital Firms for Emerging Startups

Seeking Florida Venture capital firms? This guide offers insights into firms still investing amidst challenges, essential for entrepreneurs pitching for funding or tracking investment trends. Despite a 2023 funding reduction, entities like the Florida Venture Forum continue to support startups, showcasing the resilience of Florida’s venture capital scene.

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