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The business world often comes with unexpected legal challenges that can negatively impact your company. Fortunately, you can secure professional assistance from a Jacksonville business lawyer. Our team at Montague Law can help you navigate business law while providing you with legal advice.

You can reach our law firm easily if you call us at 904-234-5653. We focus on aiding business owners in Jacksonville, Florida, as well as all business owners on the First Coast. We’ll handle all of their questions about contracts, partnership disputes, intellectual property protection, torts, and more.

Open Your Business With a Nassau County Business Lawyer

A Nassau County business attorney can provide you with legal assistance before your business opens its doors for the first time. The professionals often recommend that business owners speak with a lawyer before forming a residential or commercial company.

A lawyer can ensure that you meet all tax requirements issued by the state or federal governments. Your lawyer may also:

  • Apply for the correct registrations
  • Secure all applicable licenses
  • Acquire permits needed to operate

Our team can help you review the regulations for opening a multi-state business, which may come with additional restrictions in some situations. You can work with us to review your liability and the steps you can take to minimize the risk for your company.

Handle Important Documents With a Business Lawyer

Setting up your business in Jacksonville generally requires a lot of complicated paperwork. Our team members can aid you in completing and filing these documents appropriately, reducing the odds of legal difficulties down the road. We can help you with the business documents explained below.

Articles of Incorporation

The articles of incorporation basically set up your company so that the state considers it a business. You have to include a number of details in these articles, including information about your:

  • Company’s name
  • Contact information
  • Stock information
  • Company’s purpose

You also include information about the location of your corporate office in these articles, as well as details about any registered agents associated with the company. You file these articles with the business filing agency here in Florida.

The filing agency generally charges a fee to handle the articles of incorporation. After you drop off the documents and pay the fee, the agency either approves or denies the paperwork. After approval, you receive a certificate.

Our team can assist you with every step of the filing process to avoid the stress associated with getting a business off the ground.

Partnership Agreement

Are you opening a business with a partner? In this situation, we recommend establishing a partnership agreement early in the business formation process. You can use this document to specify:

  • Management powers
  • Partner duties
  • Ownership percentages
  • Profit and loss distribution

A partnership agreement also allows you to specify the ways to terminate your partnership legally. We understand that you may not want to think about the dissolution of your company in the planning stages, but ensuring you have options in the future can increase your peace of mind.

We Handle Commercial Litigation on Jacksonville

You may also face legal challenges after your business begins operation. Business litigation can involve everything from contract disputes to issues related to your shareholders. We understand the ins and outs of Florida’s legal codes regarding businesses and can assist clients in Jacksonville and the First Coast.

Our team can help you handle violations of business agreements or an individual’s fiduciary duties. We step in to assist you with any of the following.

Alleged Fraud

Sometimes, other business people or customers may accuse professionals of fraud. We can stand up to fraud claims so that you can continue focusing on the operation of your business.

Breach of Contract

Contracts play a pivotal role in many businesses here in Jacksonville. These documents list specific responsibilities for a variety of people. A Jacksonville business attorney can assist if someone accuses you of breaking a contract or if someone else failed to live up to an agreement they made.

Business Torts

You may end up involved in a tort case if someone accuses your business of illegal practice or interference with a contractual relationship. We can review the facts in this situation and develop a strategy to support your company moving forward.

Employment Discrimination

The government takes employment discrimination cases seriously. Sometimes, employees who left under bad terms may try to accuse you of discrimination as a way to punish the company. We can step in to help you handle these cases.

Premises Liability

Sometimes, accidents happen on business property. A slip and fall accident or another kind of injury could lead to a premises liability claim here in Florida. In this situation, you can seek legal assistance by turning to a Jacksonville business lawyer.

Seek Help With Day-to-Day Legal Decisions

a client giving documents to an Jacksonville attorney

Many business owners become overwhelmed by the complicated legal nature of corporate governance. We can provide you with clear-cut explanations about your legal needs while helping you navigate the complexity of the business world.

We can present you with information about your rights if you encounter a legal hardship or arrest in the course of doing business. Awareness of your rights can help you avoid more serious legal issues. You can reach out to us before answering any questions posed by police officers.

Our team can also step in to guide you in court if you become involved in a premises liability claim, for instance. We understand how to handle judges and other lawyers in the area, and we can provide you with the advice you need in this situation.

Run Your Business Smoothly With Legal Help

Keeping your business operating smoothly can allow you to focus on expanding your company and getting ahead of the competition. You can permit your legal representative to handle disputes and other points of conflict so that you have the time you need to operate your business.

Our team can step in to assist if a client or employee violates their contract, for example. We can also assist you if a customer misses a payment or if you discover an issue with another corporate transaction.

You may also choose to work with members of our team if you want to avoid contractual mistakes. We can review all of your paperwork before you sign anything and point out any potential issues so you can resolve them before they become a problem.

Your lawyer can also review your tax forms and other pieces of bookkeeping. We understand how serious a bookkeeping error can become, especially if it involves your state or federal taxes. For this reason, we take steps to offer you comprehensive assistance.

Let Us Handle Derivative Actions

You may end up embroiled in a derivative lawsuit here in Jacksonville. Shareholders in a business may file these lawsuits, generally against someone considered a third party. For example, a derivative lawsuit may come against a company board member or even an executive.

Derivative actions may focus on several serious claims, including:

  • Fraud
  • Breaching their fiduciary duty
  • Engaging in deceptive financial practices

Only certain people have legal permission to file derivative actions in Florida. You may file one of these claims as a shareholder or as someone who got shares from someone else. These individuals make a written claim to a company. They must make this submission before filing a legal claim.

The accused may correct any alleged offense to avoid a lawsuit. Companies have 90 days to address derivative actions before an individual has legal permission to file a lawsuit. Individuals who file derivative actions may request specific information from a company, including:

  • Shareholding information
  • Accounting records
  • Board meeting minutes
  • Data about current officers
  • Company bylaws

Our firm can help you learn more about derivative actions and prepare to handle one of these actions or step in if you currently face one of these legal claims.

Select the Right Business Lawyer in Jacksonville

You can take steps to ensure you hire a business attorney who fits your company well. Some business owners ask around for references from friends and family or look at customer reviews of lawyers in their area.

Consider making a list of companies that interest you. You can contact each firm directly to speak with members of their team to discuss their understanding of business law and their abilities to meet your needs. Good communication can make you feel more confident about your business relationship with an attorney.

Members of our team can put our training and experience to work for you. We understand business law in Florida and can step in to assist you with lawsuits, contract negotiations, and more. Our team can draft your legal paperwork and handle issues so you can focus on running your business.

Hire a Jacksonville Business Lawyer

You can prepare to protect your business by working with a Jacksonville business attorney. Our team at Montague Law can provide you with comprehensive legal assistance. You can easily reach us if you call 904-234-5653, where a member of our team can discuss your specific needs now.

Let an Jacksonville Business Attorney Help

Do you have more questions about business law? Our team at Montague Law can provide you with the answers you want. You can easily contact an Jacksonville business attorney by calling us at 904-234-5653. Allow us to walk you through each step of this legal process.

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