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Whether you’re a new business owner or an established professional, there may come a time when you’ll need to buy or sell a commercial property. Navigating the commercial real estate market alone is certainly possible, but working with an Amelia Island commercial real estate lawyer/attorney is essential for preventing complex issues that could arise at any time.

At Montague Law, we work closely with business owners and investors who buy, sell, and develop all types of commercial properties on Amelia Island, FL, and the surrounding areas. We have more than ten years of experience practicing commercial real estate law and protecting our clients’ legal interests during every phase of a real estate transaction.

The Montague Law professionals care about protecting your assets and your rights. Please reach out to our staff at 904-234-5653 to schedule a no-obligation consultation today.

What a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Does

Commercial real estate is booming in Florida, thanks to the bustling tourism industry and the influx of new residents who prefer the state’s year-round warm weather. Because the state needs new businesses and commercial developments to meet the demands of its residents, people often use the legal services of a commercial real estate lawyer to facilitate their transactions.

A commercial real estate attorney provides legal services for people within various aspects of real estate. The lawyer acts as a legal advisor for any problem that could occur during a property transaction. Common legal categories for commercial real estate law include:

  • Developments
  • Sales
  • Leases
  • Purchases
  • Financing

Commercial property transactions are usually complicated, even if issues don’t arise, due to the rules and regulations governing commercial real estate. By working with a lawyer from Montague Law, you won’t leave anything to chance. Our legal professionals pay close attention to detail, and we will sift through every page of your contracts to protect your interests.

Commercial Real Estate Services Our Law Firm Provides

Montague Law has more than ten years of providing legal services regarding commercial real estate. We have the skills to negotiate and structure contracts and deal with all legal aspects of property developments, dispositions, and acquisitions while closely following local and federal laws. Our team has a solid track record of successfully facilitating commercial real estate transactions.

Our law firm has experience representing various parties, including:

  • Corporate entities
  • Business owners
  • Real estate developers
  • Investors
  • Private citizens
  • Opportunity funds

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the due diligence and integrity necessary for property purchases. Our team also frequently bridges the gap between parties invested in property ownership and development, whether the transactions involve limited liability companies or private-public partnerships.

Some of the real estate services we provide for commercial properties include but are not limited to:

  • Consulting
  • Document drafting for purchase and sale agreements
  • Compliance with environmental and liability laws
  • Title review
  • Closings
  • Leasing
  • Planning and zoning of land
  • Mortgage financing
  • Acquisitions
  • Commercial real estate foreclosures

Why Hire Locally

Commercial real estate laws can vary dramatically from place to place. For instance, the laws and regulations governing the sale or purchase of property in Jacksonville, FL, may not be the same as those in other parts of the state. For that reason, securing a Nassau County commercial real estate lawyer/attorney is best for business owners within the area.

A local attorney will better understand the community’s commercial real estate market and the people living and working in the area than a lawyer who doesn’t serve in the community. Established law firms also tend to have networks and resources that would benefit your real estate goals.

It also helps to work with a local commercial real estate attorney because they have intricate knowledge about the area’s zoning laws. Knowing details about your property’s development options and zoning laws will help you find potential buyers should you choose to sell.

Montague Law is staffed with long-time residents of Amelia Island, FL. Our legal team has deep knowledge of the community, its people, and zoning laws for residential and commercial real estate. We also stay informed about local property laws, federal regulations, and statutes. Contact our team today if you are ready to purchase or sell a commercial business.

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Real Estate Attorney

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Whether you’re a private citizen or represent a corporate entity, it’s worth it to hire a skilled attorney who is well-versed in commercial real estate law for Florida. Transactions are seldom as straightforward as they appear. You could run into everything from commercial lease disputes to fraudulent real estate deals.

An attorney makes commercial real estate transactions substantially easier. Not only will they ensure that the deal closes legally, but an Amelia Island commercial real estate lawyer/attorney will also provide the following benefits:

Protect Your Rights

The primary goal of a real estate lawyer is to protect their client’s interests. All contracts about the client’s transaction should be fair. A lawyer will ensure that the other party will meet the conditions the client deems favorable.

If the deal is not in the client’s best interests, or it infringes on their rights, it is their lawyer’s responsibility to use their extensive knowledge of state, local, and federal real estate law to negotiate better terms. The real estate attorney may also provide legal counsel if parties fail to adhere to contractual agreements or if issues develop later with the property, such as environmental issues.

Save Time

Time is precious to business owners, especially those who take active roles in their company’s daily operations. You may not have time to study, learn, and handle the legal aspects of securing or selling a commercial property.

That’s where your real estate lawyer comes in. They allow you to focus on your business while they focus on your deal.

Handle Paperwork

Even the simplest of real estate transactions produce a substantial amount of paperwork. Minor mistakes and failing to meet deadlines could delay the property transaction. Because real estate lawyers understand documentation obligations, they will assist you with securing, completing, and filing paperwork.

Legal contracts and other paperwork often include a lot of legal jargon that can be difficult to comprehend. However, an Amelia Island commercial real estate lawyer/attorney will ensure that the documents are accurate and fair and explain the details to you in understandable terms.

Deal With Complex Legal Issues

It’s not unusual to experience unexpected problems before closing a real estate deal. Most commercial property owners and sellers don’t know the intricate ins and outs of Florida real estate law, which often further complicates the situation, especially if the parties choose not to hire a lawyer.

Instead of waiting for problems to occur, experienced real estate attorneys will prepare for the unexpected. Their assistance and understanding of real estate law will be crucial for handling everyday detail-oriented matters, like:

  • Refinancing
  • Insurance
  • Zoning and property usage
  • Title and escrow
  • Environmental factors

Work Through Leasing and Tenancy Agreements

Most commercial leases involve complex legal documents. The paperwork includes agreements that restrict tenants and benefit landlords.

However, terms for commercial leases are often negotiable. It’s best to have a real estate lawyer on hand to review both aspects of the agreement and facilitate a negotiation. The legal professional can also represent property owners in tenant disputes, draft lease documents, and consult on matters associated with tenant evictions or lease violations.

Have Smooth Title Transfers

A title transfer is essential for obtaining ownership of a property or land. It is a legal document that proves the person named on the paperwork is the rightful owner of the property. Deeds may convey title between sellers and buyers, but they don’t always detail full ownership.

Transferring a title involves more than signing a document. There are various types of deeds and circumstances surrounding transfers. Real estate attorneys can facilitate the transfer to make it a more straightforward process for all parties.

Secure Title Insurance

Title insurance is a must-have for any commercial or residential real estate transaction. The insurance protects real estate buyers, lenders, and others from financial harm due to title issues.

Depending on the policy you purchase and the property associated with your transaction, title insurance will protect against various financial losses stemming from:

  • Property encroachment problems like inconsistent boundary issues
  • Unknown title defects like incorrectly indexed deeds, title fraud, and deed forgery that prevent a new buyer from obtaining clear ownership
  • Unpaid utilities, taxes, and mortgages

Montague Law can help you secure sufficient title insurance for your commercial real estate transactions.

Receive Litigation Representation

Any real estate deal that develops a legal issue will go to litigation. If commercial litigation occurs, you can be confident that Montague Law will represent you to the fullest extent.

Turn to a Nassau County Commercial Real Estate Lawyer/Attorney Today

At Montague Law, we strive to combine our team’s legal knowledge and experience working in the Amelia Island, FL, real estate market to provide superior legal services to every customer. We understand the complexities of the legal aspect of the market. You can be sure we will guide you through the entire transaction process and inform you about every step in an easily understandable manner.

Our professionals proudly serve residents in Amelia Island, Jacksonville, and First Coast, FL. Call us today at 904-234-5653 to schedule a consultation with an Amelia Island commercial real estate lawyer/attorney.

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