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Are you planning to start a business here in Florida, or do you want to expand your existing business using funds from venture capital? In this situation, you can get professional legal assistance focused on your needs by working with a Florida venture capital lawyer.

Our team at Montague Law can offer you legal advice, help you understand the current market, and provide you with assistance when breaking into the world of start-ups. You can find out more about the services offered by our law firm when you call 904-234-5653.

Get Legal Advice From a Florida Venture Capital Lawyer

First and foremost, a Florida venture capital attorney can provide you with legal advice as you operate your business. Generally, venture capital lawyers receive training to handle corporate law so they can offer you advice about transactions and corporate legalities.

However, many venture capital lawyers receive additional training to expand their skill set. You may turn to a venture capital lawyer if you have questions about:

  • Securities laws
  • Employment laws
  • Intellectual property laws
  • Tax laws

Some large corporations hire lawyers that specialize in one aspect of business law. However, as a start-up, you may not have the funds available for that level of legal overhead. A venture capital lawyer can provide you with a broad range of legal knowledge to help you operate and grow your business.

Focus on Current Market Insights With Your Lawyer

The venture market can change quickly. A venture capital lawyer can help you keep track of the market and provide you with insights based on their understanding of financing strategies. Many venture capital lawyers work with multiple investors and start-ups while assessing venture capital funds.

These lawyers often assist their clients in understanding investments in portfolio companies or private equity funds. A venture capital lawyer may also use their experience to guide clients away from pitfalls often faced by companies getting into the business market.

It’s a good idea to take advantage of the experience provided by a venture capital lawyer to increase your confidence as an entrepreneur. You can turn to your lawyer to get legal advice about investments that work for the kind of company you want to operate. Our team can start answering your questions now.

Enter the Start-Up Ecosystem

Your Florida venture capital lawyer can act as an advocate for you as you work to raise capital for your company. Note that venture capital lawyers do not directly create pitch decks for clients, and they do not directly raise your capital.

However, they can keep you up to date by providing you with information about large investors who may match your needs. Your lawyer can also offer these investors your pitch deck, allowing you to get your foot in the door with possible sources of capital.

Furthermore, a venture capital lawyer works to develop a strong network of contacts that can aid businesses looking to get started. You may work with a venture capital lawyer to get information about:

  • Accountants
  • Bankers
  • Developers
  • Creative agencies
  • Insurers
  • Benefits consultants

Not all companies require assistance from all of these parties. Your lawyer can discuss your specific needs while acting as your access point into the business world.

Explore Sources of Capital With Your Lawyer

When you consider raising capital for your start-up, you may find several options for fund formation. Our team can discuss all of your choices when it comes to looking for funds, including the options below.

Venture Capital

Venture capital represents only one example of financing available to you in Florida. You can acquire this form of funding from investors who show an interest in your business. Financial institutions and banks may also provide private equity financing in the form of venture capital.

Private Equity Funds

Private equity funds represent pools made up of capital. Generally, limited partnerships operate these funds, which allow for collective investment. Most private equity funds have a set strategy they use for investment, which your lawyer can help you review.

Family Offices

Some wealthy families work with privately-held company when faced with investment decisions. The family office company executes the family’s financial decisions, which can include investment in a start-up or growing business.

Angel Investors

Angel investors offer capital for start-ups and other businesses. Generally, we refer to single individuals as angel investors. In return for providing funds, angel investors usually ask for ownership equity in your company or convertible debt. You may get help from an angel investor in situations where other investors hesitate to contribute necessary funds.

Investment Banks

Finally, your Florida venture capital attorney may support you by getting in touch with an investment bank. These large financial institutions make financial transactions for their clients, which can include corporations and governments, in addition to private individuals. Our team focuses on helping you get familiar with all possible sources of venture funding.

Options To Seek Capital From Investors

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We’ve discussed some of the investors who aid start-ups and other new businesses in Florida. Our team can also help you review the methods these investors use to provide you with the funds you want to operate your company. Seeking venture capital may involve the use of any or all of the methods below.

Private Placement

Some companies sell their stocks and shares publicly, allowing anyone to make purchases. Private placement will enable you to issue or sell equity or debt securities to a limited number of individuals interested in investment, such as a financial institution or friends and family.

Convertible Debt

Convertible debt allows you to borrow funds with the understanding that you will not pay back the debt as money. Instead, the debt gets converted to equity in the company in the future. You may negotiate the timing of debt conversion with the help of your lawyer.

Debt Financing

Many business owners understand debt financing, even if they are not familiar with the term. Debt financing involves borrowing money with the plan to pay it back later, with an added interest payment. Bank loans and even credit cards represent examples of debt financing.

IRA or 401(k) Accounts

You may take steps to fund your business directly by making a withdrawal from your 401(k) or IRA account. However, making a withdrawal from these accounts can lead to penalties and taxation. You can discuss the pros and cons of a retirement fund withdrawal by speaking with a member of our team.


Many businesses in our modern world turn to crowdfunding or crowdsourcing as a way to raise the capital they want to start their business. Sites like Kickstarter allow you to make a pitch to the public in the hopes of getting financial support. A lawyer can help you discuss the legalities of this form of fundraising before you begin the crowdfunding process.

Legal Requirements To Raise Capital in Florida

Businesses that wish to raise capital here in Florida must adhere to all state regulations to avoid legal repercussions. The State of Florida requires most companies and individuals to register their securities before trying to raise capital.

You can register your company’s securities with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Some businesses receive an exemption from the requirement to register, and our team can determine if you must register or not.

Florida also passed the Florida Securities Act. This act requires many individuals to register at the Florida Office of Financial Regulation before selling any securities. In some situations, you may also seek an exemption for the requirement to register with the Office of Financial Regulation.

Companies and individuals who ignore federal and state regulations may face serious issues as they attempt to grow their companies. In some cases, failure to follow these rules can lead to civil or criminal charges. Allow us to guide you in understanding your legal responsibilities today.

Select the Right Florida Venture Capital Attorney

Working with the right law firm in Florida can make you feel more confident as you work to raise venture capital for your company. You can focus on working with a company that has experience dealing with all aspects of venture capital law.

You may reach out to your friends, family, and co-workers to get recommendations for law firms. Many potential business owners also look online for reviews about local lawyers who can help them address their legal needs.

You can contact all law firms that interest you to speak with official representatives. Business owners often spend a lot of time working with their lawyers, so it’s a good idea to select a company that makes you feel comfortable.

Contact a Florida Venture Capital Lawyer Now

Are you interested in raising venture capital to start a business? You can get legal assistance throughout this process by reaching out to a Florida venture capital attorney. Members of our team at Montague Law can answer your questions when you call 904-234-5653. Although we are located in the Sunshine State, we work with businesses all over the United States!

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