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Buying or selling a home, commercial property, or land are not simple transactions. The transfer of ownership between parties takes a lot of time, effort, and paperwork to complete in Florida. Hiring an Amelia Island real estate lawyer/attorney will give you the protection you’d need to complete your transaction without overlooking the legal aspects of the deal.

You need a skilled legal advocate to protect your interests during any real estate transaction, and Montague Law is an established law firm you can trust. Speak with a team member about your needs by calling 904-234-5653 today.

Amelia Island Commercial Real Estate Attorneys

Montague Law represents both real estate sellers and buyers. We ensure that all aspects of your deal are completed accurately and on time by meticulously preparing, reviewing, and submitting your documentation. Our team will work closely with you from the start of the transaction until closing day.

Whether the deal is straightforward or legally complex, we have the experience to complete the transaction. We can handle:

  • Property boundary disputes
  • Tenant disputes
  • Lease violations
  • Breach of contract
  • Closings
  • Title review
  • Acquisitions
  • Land zoning or planning
  • Commercial real estate foreclosures

Amelia Island Residential Real Estate Attorneys

Montague Law has more than ten years of practicing Florida real estate law. Our exceptional skillsets and knowledge of federal, state, and local real estate regulations allow us to serve first-time and experienced buyers and sellers for residential properties.

Our legal advocates understand how to guide residential real estate buyers through the purchasing process from start to finish while preventing them from falling into common legal pitfalls, like unrecorded liens or property defects. Every client we represent receives our undivided attention to ensure they understand every step of the process.

If you need to sell residential property, we will help the transaction flow smoothly. Our counsel will inform you about the legal condition of your property to avoid surprises or challenges that could affect your sale.

Additional Real Estate Services Our Firm Provides

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Homeowners Association Laws

Montague Law is no stranger to homeowners and condo owners association laws – we will represent either of them. HOA laws frequently undergo modifications, making it challenging for property managers and board members to keep up with the changes. We can provide counsel on various HOA issues, including HOA dues collection and amending bylaws.

Real Estate Development

Real estate law includes more than purchasing and selling property. Developing a property also requires a lot of legal red tape, but Montague Law is up for the task. Our real estate law experience includes assisting with the legal aspects of all stages of property development, including acquisition, disposition, financing, and negotiation.

Title Insurance for Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Title insurance is crucial for protecting residential and commercial real estate buyers, lenders, sellers, and others from unforeseen financial liabilities with the title. Montague Law understands the importance of having title insurance, so we will help you obtain it for your real estate transaction.

Tax Liens/Tax Deed Certificates

Failing to pay property taxes often results in creating tax certificates that sell at public auctions to pay off outstanding fees. However, the certificate isn’t a direct transfer of ownership but a secured lien. Our team will help you obtain a clear title to a property.

Advantages of Working with a Real Estate Law Firm

Many prospective property owners view the process of selling or selling a property in Florida to be intimidating. Even real estate transactions that appear straightforward can develop complications, including legal issues, because Florida law mandates specific requirements for all transaction stages.

Working with an Amelia Island real estate lawyer/attorney will significantly reduce your worry over your deal. The Montague Law legal team has years of experience successfully navigating various real estate transactions in the community.

You’ll have less stress about the deal because we will take on most of the paperwork, documentation, and decision-making responsibilities. We will work hard to ensure that the process goes according to your plans with little to no exposure to legal liabilities.

Below are other advantages to working with our law firm for all your residential and commercial real estate matters.

Address Illegal Property Additions

Sometimes, property owners make additions or improvements to their buildings that are illegal or not up to code. Addressing these issues may fall on the responsibility of the seller. However, a buyer or seller could take advantage of you if your real estate deal includes illegal improvements and you are unaware of your rights and real estate regulations.

Our law firm knows about illegal additions and improvements, so we understand how to handle these situations. As your legal counsel, we will inform you about the local and state regulations and help you navigate the legal aspects of your transaction.

Protect Your Interest From a Distance

It can take several weeks or months to close a real estate deal in Florida, so potential buyers and sellers may not be in the community the entire time the process is underway. Some private citizens, entities, and business owners conduct deals in Amelia Island without residing there permanently.

If you have a real estate interest in Amelia Island but live out of town, you will need local assistance to help you secure the deal in your absence. At Montague Law, we have an intricate understanding of local and state real estate law. We can guide you throughout your transaction whether or not you are familiar with the local rules and regulations.

Our legal counsel will educate you about your rights and responsibilities in your real estate deal. Our goal is to protect your interests and help you avoid unforeseen legal consequences before, during, and after the transaction.

Manage the Legal Implications of Buying or Selling Real Estate

Commercial real estate in Florida is often more complicated than acquiring a residential property. Buying or selling apartment buildings, warehouses, shopping plazas, etc., usually have ambiguous processes. However, a Montague Law lawyer will benefit you by handling the following legal aspects of your real estate transaction:

  • Financing structuring
  • Corporate ownership processing
  • Property appraisal
  • Tenant claims

When to Hire an Amelia Island Real Estate Lawyer/Attorney

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Buying or selling a residential or commercial property or land is time-consuming and can take weeks or months to complete. During each stage of the transaction, you could experience setbacks, negotiations, legal issues, and other compromises that could potentially devalue the property if the problems persist.

In the state of Florida, buyers have no obligation to close a real estate deal. However, it’s not the best idea to go through the process without professional legal assistance.

We are passionate about protecting our clients’ interests and rights, and our goal at Montague Law is to ensure that every real estate transaction goes smoothly for each client. For that reason, we use our keen attention to detail and extensive knowledge of Florida real estate law to reduce our clients’ exposure to future legal liabilities. However, we will provide spirited litigation representation if legal issues persist.

Below are other reasons you may want to work with a knowledgeable real estate lawyer on your property or land transactions, even when you have no legal obligation to hire one.

Contractual Problems

Residential and commercial real estate transactions often involve a substantial amount of crucial paperwork. A simple mistake like a typo could cause significant delays and unforeseen costs.

Real estate attorneys will warn you about paperwork problems, unlike real estate agents who work to make as much money as possible for themselves or their firms. We will thoroughly evaluate all of your documents to ensure they contain the precise details of your transaction. We search for misspellings, typos, and loopholes that could affect your deal before the closing.


Real estate transactions in Florida are complicated, and the paperwork is plentiful. There are specific deadlines you need to meet during every stage of the transaction process; otherwise, your real estate deal could cost you extra expenses or experience delays.

With an Amelia Island real estate attorney, you won’t need to worry about missing deadlines. These legal professionals understand the time-sensitive nature of certain aspects of various real estate transactions and will ensure that all documents and processes, like mortgage paperwork and inspections, occur well before their deadlines.

Peace of Mind

If you are new to navigating the Amelia Island real estate market, you could find the transaction process daunting or too complex to confidently complete by yourself. Even though you’re not legally required to hire a real estate lawyer, they can give you peace of mind because you’ll know an experienced legal professional will act accordingly on your behalf, even during difficult situations.

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If you have questions about a residential or commercial real estate deal or are ready to begin the transactional process, Montague Law is here to assist you. Our law firm’s experienced Amelia Island real estate lawyer/attorney will diligently protect your rights and secure your deal.

With Montague Law by your side, you’ll have the legal assistance that can help you avoid serious mistakes when buying or selling a property. Please call 904-234-5653 and speak with a helpful team member to schedule a consultation.

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