Corporate Governance

Overview of Corporate Governance

In the constantly changing landscape of regulatory requirements, Montague Law understands the critical importance of proactive and precise legal counsel to navigate corporate governance issues. We are proud to have been pioneers in the industry, establishing one of the earliest specialized corporate governance teams. Over the years, we have provided invaluable guidance to both public and private entities in addressing the complexities associated with Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance and beyond.

Crafting a Crisis Avoidance Blueprint

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Montague Law’s Corporate Governance Practice is your trusted guide through the intricate maze of regulations set forth by Congress, the SEC, stock exchanges, and other regulatory bodies. While our primary objective is to assist your organization in crafting an efficient crisis-avoidance blueprint, rest assured, if challenges emerge, our team stands ready to champion your cause with resilience and resolve.

Bespoke Governance Plan Crafted for Your Needs

Our extensive experience with a diverse range of clients, coupled with the rich and varied expertise of our team, positions us to deliver holistic governance and compliance solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Our team boasts expertise spanning every pertinent sector of law – encompassing corporate and securities law, securities litigation, white-collar crime, director and officer liability and indemnification, insolvency law, and regulatory affairs.

Our strength is further enhanced by team members who have held prestigious positions in the regulatory arena, giving us a front-row perspective on the implications of regulatory shifts for your business. Notably, this includes a former deputy chief of staff to the U.S. attorney general and an esteemed occupant of the Edgar S. Woolard, Jr., Chair of Corporate Governance at the University of Delaware.

Extensive Governance Services

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Regardless of whether your company operates on a private, public, national, or global scale, Montague Law is committed to providing vigilant and pragmatic representation across all facets of corporate governance. Our services encompass:

  • Board composition, structure, and mandates
  • Director and officer liability and insurance
  • Ethical codes and conduct
  • Regulatory inquiries and internal probes
  • Whistleblower protocols
  • Executive remuneration
  • Preemptive litigation strategies
  • Audit and autonomous board committee concerns

Let a Business Attorney Help

Do you have more questions about corporate governance? Our team at Montague Law can provide you with the answers you want. You can easily contact a Jacksonville business attorney by calling us at 904-234-5653. Allow us to walk you through each step of this legal process.

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