Government Contracts & Administrative Regulations

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A government contract can represent a considerable boon for any business. However, handling these contracts can prove difficult without the assistance of an Amelia Island government contracts and administrative regulations lawyer.

You can pursue professional legal help understanding all aspects of a government contract with our team at Montague Law. We also work to ensure our clients adhere to all administrative regulations, protecting businesses from legal repercussions. You can reach out to us to learn more when you call 904-234-5653.

Our Team Understands Government Contracts

Handling government contracts often includes a lot of legal complications. Our team can assist you if you take a contract from municipal, state, or federal government agents. We can provide you with the advice you want about litigation matters if this is your first time taking a government contract or if you’ve worked with government agencies before.

You can reach out to us for assistance at any point in the contract process. We assist clients in Jacksonville, First Coast, and on Amelia Island with:

  • Corporate transactions that deal with government contractors
  • Contract review
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Export controls
  • Contract modifications
  • Non-disclosure agreements

Contact members of our team to learn more about the services offered by an Amelia Island government contracts and administrative regulations attorney.

Government Contracts Services We Offer

You can reach out to us for assistance with any government contract offered in the United States. Our team of professional lawyers can walk you through the procedures involved in any aspect of the government contract process listed below.

Bid Submission

Before you begin working on a government contract, you have to win the contract by submitting a bid. You can only submit a bid for a federal project after you create a System for Award Management (SAM) account. This requirement only applies to federal contracts.

Note that you must have a DUNS number to set up a SAM profile. In some situations, you also need a North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code. Once you have all the required information, make sure you go over the submission guidelines.

You must follow all guidelines exactly to receive a government contract. A Nassau County government contracts and administrative regulations lawyer can go over your bid before you submit it to make sure it accurately represents your position.

Contract Administration

Contracts provide specific information about the responsibilities of all involved parties. We provide a number of contract administration services, allowing us to plan and negotiate on your behalf. Our team can also review the performance and execution of the contract.

Bid Protests

Bid protests allow you to make a challenge regarding the reward (or proposed award) offered by a contract. The objection may also challenge a contract’s terms of the solicitation. Our team can help you with bid protests on the local, state, and federal levels.

Contract Performance

Contract performance generally refers to how you complete (or discharge) a contract. Typically, a company can discharge a contract through:

  • Complete performance
  • Substantial performance
  • Breach

Individuals accused of breach of contract did not fulfill the terms of the agreement, which can lead to several serious repercussions. We can focus on contract performance throughout each step of the job.

Claims Resolution

Disagreements may occur during the course of your contract, at which time we can assist with dispute claim resolution. Most government contracts come with specific steps that you must follow if a dispute occurs. We stay familiar with these procedures and can walk you through each step to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion.

Regulations on Government Contracts on Amelia Island

Government contracts involve many strict requirements. Many of these requirements come from different agencies in the federal government. An Amelia Island government contracts and administrative regulations lawyer can guide you in understanding the regulations associated with FAR, EAR, and OFAC.

Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

All executive agencies in the U.S. government operate under FAR guidelines. The FAR system sets forth rules for acquiring services or supplies through the use of appropriated funds. FAR guidelines also provide information about contract clauses and provisions for solicitation.

Export Administration Regulations (EAR)

Some contracts involve importing or exporting various items. EAR guidelines deal with exporting goods outside of the U.S. The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) regulates these guidelines, which may come into play for some contracts.

Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)

The OFAC handles sanctions on trade and economic issues. While this office only applies in some cases, its regulations may apply to many companies that win a government contract. Failure to follow these regulations may lead to legal complications.

Support Programs and Government Contracts in Florida

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Our team works to stay up to date regarding programs that may support some companies to secure a government contract. We provide our clients with information about methods to place themselves to secure these contracts strategically. Some examples of programs that may help include the following.

8(a) Business Development Program for Disadvantaged Businesses

The 8(a) program offers some businesses aid in securing government contracts. This program limits competition for some contracts and also provides some companies with the assistance of a business opportunity specialist. Small businesses can qualify for this program if they:

  • Didn’t participate in the 8(a) program before
  • Have majority ownership by economically or socially disadvantaged U.S. citizens
  • Show good character

Additionally, the business must have a net worth of under $750K. We can aid you in learning more about this program if you believe that your business qualifies.

HUBZone Program

Does your business operate in a historically underutilized business zone? If so, you may receive the benefits associated with the HUBZone Program. Companies involved in this program receive preferential consideration when it comes to government contracts, in addition to other advantages.

Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contracting Program

Small businesses owned and operated by women may also seek assistance with securing government contracts. The WOSB program allows companies owned predominately by women to compete for restricted contracts, improving their odds of receiving these contracts.

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Program

Finally, the federal government gives preference to small businesses operated by service-disabled veterans. Membership in this program grants business owners access to special set-aside contracts, which can help the company grow and thrive. Our team can review all the options with you to secure a government contract on Amelia Island.

We Handle All Your Contract Needs

As members of the Florida Bar Association, our team stands ready to help you with all aspects of government contract law. You can reach out to us for assistance with:

  • Claims, termination, and equitable adjustment requests
  • Issues related to intellectual property and technical data rights
  • Investigations into procurement fraud
  • Suspension and debarment
  • Teaming agreements and transactional support
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Tax planning and compliance

Our team can also review your options for training your employees to handle regulatory compliance. In some cases, a training program can help you feel more comfortable about employees’ understanding of government contract regulations.

You can count on us if your contract involves real property, intellectual property, importing, or exporting. Our training involves an in-depth understanding of the restrictions associated with:

  • Procurement Integrity Act
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  • False Claims Act
  • Organizational Conflicts of Interests (OCI)

We understand what it takes to complete government contracts ethically and responsibly here in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.

Start Working With the Right Government Contract Lawyer

You have many options when it comes to selecting a lawyer to help you with government contracts and administrative regulations. Finding the right law firm to handle your legal needs can allow you to focus on business matters while trusting your lawyer to deal with legal and compliance issues.

You can begin looking for the right lawyer by speaking with your friends and family to see if they have recommendations. You may also search the Florida Bar to find lawyers in your area who handle administrative regulation clients.

The professionals recommend developing a series of questions to ask a law firm. Make sure that you seek information about their experience handling government contracts, their rates, and their current caseload.

Our team stands ready to assist you with:

  • Local, state, and federal government contracts
  • Defense contracts
  • Public work contracts
  • Construction contracts

You can also reach out to us if you face government contract fraud or defense contract fraud charges. We understand the ins and outs of administrative regulations and are familiar with Florida’s court system.

We always work to put our clients first when handling government contract cases. You can take advantage of our experience by allowing us to walk you through each legal hurdle associated with applying for, accepting, and completing a government contract.

Speak With Our Team About Government Contracts and Administrative Regulations

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