Insurance Law

At Montague Law, our insurance practice stands as a pillar of excellence and dedication in the realm of insurance law, reflecting over a decade of legal expertise and a deep commitment to our clients’ success. 

Insurance Law

Led by John Montague, an attorney with a rich background in complex legal transactions and a profound understanding of the insurance sector, our firm offers specialized legal services that span the full spectrum of insurance-related matters. John’s notable accomplishments include successfully litigating and securing coverage on multimillion-dollar policies, underscoring our firm’s capability to tackle high-stakes disputes with finesse and strategic acumen. Our practice is tailored to serve a diverse client base, encompassing policyholders from various industries, insurance companies, reinsurers, and investors, ensuring that their legal needs are met with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

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What insurance law services does Montague Law offer?

We provides comprehensive services in:

Insurance Litigation

Handling claims across every type of commercial insurance policy, including but not limited to first-party insurance (e.g., cyber risk, property, business interruption) and third-party insurance (e.g., general liability, professional liability).

Insurance Transactions and Regulation 

Assisting clients in structuring, drafting, negotiating, and obtaining regulatory approval for operations and agreements, alongside offering guidance on the formation, licensing, acquisition, and sale of insurance-related entities.

Business Restructuring & Reorganization

Offering expert advice to stakeholders in bankruptcies and insolvencies, focusing on the identification and maximization of insurance coverage assets.

Why choose Montague Law for your insurance law needs?

Our team is known for its client-friendly approach, always being available, responsive, and keenly focused on delivering practical and incisive legal advice. With a keen eye for detail and a fantastic understanding of the insurance sector, Montague Law is equipped to navigate the complexities of insurance law, ensuring our clients are positioned for the best possible outcomes in their legal endeavors.

At Montague Law, we are not just attorneys; we are dedicated partners to our clients, offering tailored solutions that address the nuanced challenges of the insurance world. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our extensive legal knowledge and experience, makes us the preferred choice for clients seeking effective and comprehensive legal representation in insurance matters.


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