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Welcome to Montague Law’s Family Office Practice Area. The world of family offices is both complex and unique, with specific needs that require a distinct approach and expertise in legal services. Family offices manage the wealth of affluent families, overseeing everything from investment strategies and tax planning to philanthropy and intergenerational wealth transfer. As such, they necessitate a broad range of legal advice to safeguard assets, maintain privacy, and ensure compliance with constantly evolving regulations.

At Montague Law, we understand these needs and are uniquely positioned to cater to them. Our family office practice area, led by John Montague, is dedicated to providing holistic, personalized legal solutions for family offices. John, an alumnus of the University of Florida Law School, has cultivated a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area, offering services that are not only legally sound but also aligned with the dynamics and values of your family.

We invite you to explore our practice, get to know us, and understand how we can be of service to you in navigating the intricacies of family office law. At Montague Law, we are committed to forging lasting partnerships with our clients, providing top-tier legal advice to help secure and grow your family’s legacy.

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About Us

At Montague Law, we are committed to providing a superior caliber of legal services, with a focus on delivering strategic, proactive, and personalized solutions for our clients. Our firm was founded on the principles of trust, integrity, and excellence, and these principles continue to guide every aspect of our work.

In the heart of our practice is John Montague, an accomplished legal expert specializing in family office law. John graduated from the prestigious University of Florida Law School, where he developed a strong foundation in legal knowledge and honed his skills in various practice areas, including estate planning, tax law, and corporate law. Over the years, he has seamlessly woven his broad understanding of the law into the unique fabric of family office requirements, establishing Montague Law as a respected and reliable partner for affluent families.

John leads our team of dedicated professionals who share his passion for providing exceptional legal services. Each member of our team brings their own specialized knowledge and experience, and together, we form a dynamic, comprehensive unit capable of addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by family offices.

Our strength lies in our understanding that each family office has unique needs, goals, and dynamics. As such, we dedicate ourselves to understanding the intricacies of your family office, enabling us to provide solutions that are not just legally sound, but also aligned with your family’s values and long-term objectives.

At Montague Law, we are not just your legal advisors; we consider ourselves an integral part of your team, committed to protecting and preserving the wealth and legacy of your family.

Our Expertise

Navigating the complex terrain of family office law requires an extensive breadth of knowledge and specific expertise, which Montague Law brings to the table. Our comprehensive legal services cater specifically to the needs of family offices and are designed to offer complete support to protect your family’s wealth and interests.

Here is a highlight of our key areas of expertise:

  1. Estate Planning: We provide comprehensive estate planning services, designing strategies to secure your family’s wealth across generations. From creating wills and trusts to devising business succession plans, we take into account tax implications, potential legal issues, and your family’s specific wishes and circumstances.
  2. Tax Law: Our team has extensive experience in tax law, providing advice on tax efficiency, compliance, and dispute resolution. We work to minimize your tax liability while ensuring adherence to all local, state, and federal tax regulations.
  3. Corporate Law: Family offices often have numerous business interests. We provide expert legal advice on a wide range of corporate law matters, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance.
  4. Philanthropic Planning: We understand that many family offices are deeply invested in philanthropy. We offer guidance on establishing and managing philanthropic entities, ensuring compliance with applicable laws, and aligning your charitable activities with your family’s values.
  5. Real Estate and Investment: Our team offers strategic legal advice on real estate investments and other financial assets, ensuring the most beneficial and legally sound arrangements for your family office.
  6. Privacy and Confidentiality: Given the nature of family offices, we recognize the importance of maintaining privacy and confidentiality. We provide advice on legal structures and strategies to safeguard your family’s privacy.
  7. Risk Management: We identify potential risks and provide strategic advice on how to manage and mitigate these risks, from legal disputes to regulatory compliance issues.

At Montague Law, our goal is to be your trusted advisor, providing the legal expertise that allows your family office to thrive. We understand the intricate dynamics of family offices, and our services are designed to offer you peace of mind, knowing that your family’s wealth and legacy are protected.

Our Approach

At Montague Law, we pride ourselves on our bespoke approach to family office legal services. We understand that every family office has its unique values, goals, and challenges. Therefore, we strive to provide personalized legal solutions that meet the individual needs of each client.

Here is an overview of our approach:

  1. Personalized Attention: We start by taking the time to understand your family’s dynamics, values, financial objectives, and the unique challenges that your family office faces. By getting to know your family office on a deep level, we can provide legal services tailored specifically to your needs.
  2. Expertise and Experience: Led by John Montague, our team of legal professionals leverages their vast experience and deep understanding of family office law to offer comprehensive legal solutions. Our expertise is broad and deep, covering various aspects of law related to family offices including estate planning, tax law, corporate law, philanthropic planning, and more.
  3. Proactive Planning: We firmly believe in the power of proactive legal planning. Rather than reacting to issues as they arise, we work with you to anticipate potential legal challenges and devise strategies to address them. This approach allows us to mitigate risks and safeguard your family’s wealth and legacy effectively.
  4. Collaborative Partnership: We view our role not simply as your legal advisors but as an integral part of your team. We work collaboratively with your family office, offering constant communication and legal guidance to navigate complex legal landscapes.
  5. Innovation and Forward-Thinking: As the legal landscape evolves, so does our approach. We stay abreast of legal developments, regulatory changes, and innovative legal strategies to ensure that your family office remains compliant, protected, and poised to capitalize on opportunities.
  6. Confidentiality and Privacy: We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and privacy. We understand the sensitive nature of the information entrusted to us, and we are committed to safeguarding this information at all times.

Our approach at Montague Law is designed to give your family office the legal support it needs while maintaining the values and goals that are unique to your family. We offer more than just legal advice; we offer a partnership that helps secure and grow your family’s legacy.

Family Offices and Compliance Support

In the highly regulated environment that family offices operate within, maintaining regulatory compliance is paramount. Laws and regulations are constantly evolving, and keeping up with these changes while managing a vast range of assets can be a challenging task. At Montague Law, we specialize in offering robust compliance support to help your family office navigate this complex landscape.

Here are key areas of our compliance support services:

  1. Regulatory Compliance: We help family offices understand and comply with various regulations at the local, state, and federal levels. This includes regulations related to taxation, investment, estate planning, and philanthropic activities. We stay updated on the latest regulatory changes and advise you on their impact and necessary adjustments to your current practices.
  2. Risk Management: We identify potential legal, financial, and reputational risks and design strategies to manage and mitigate these risks. We aim to anticipate potential compliance issues and resolve them proactively, protecting your family’s assets, reputation, and legacy.
  3. Tax Compliance: Our team of tax law experts ensures that your family office is tax compliant. We provide guidance on tax planning strategies, assist in preparing and filing tax returns, and represent your interests in any tax disputes or investigations.
  4. Corporate Governance: For family offices with business interests, we offer compliance support related to corporate governance. This includes guidance on business structuring, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder agreements, and more.
  5. Privacy and Confidentiality: Compliance also extends to maintaining privacy and confidentiality. We advise on best practices for data protection and privacy to ensure your family office meets regulatory standards and protects sensitive information.
  6. Training and Education: We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge. We offer training and education to your family office staff on various compliance topics, helping them understand and effectively navigate the regulatory environment.

At Montague Law, our compliance support goes beyond just ensuring your family office meets all regulatory requirements. We aim to build a culture of compliance within your organization, integrating compliance into your business strategy, and adding value to your family office operations. With our support, you can focus on what matters most – managing your family’s wealth and legacy, assured that your compliance needs are in expert hands.

Family Offices and Cryptocurrencies

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In the evolving landscape of wealth management, cryptocurrencies have emerged as a new frontier. As a digital, decentralized form of currency, cryptocurrencies offer a wealth of opportunities but also pose unique challenges and risks. At Montague Law, we have the expertise to guide your family office through the complexities of integrating cryptocurrencies into your wealth management strategy.

Our services in this area include:

  1. Investment Guidance: We provide legal advice on investing in cryptocurrencies. Our team stays updated on the latest trends and regulations in the cryptocurrency market, enabling us to offer strategic advice on cryptocurrency investments.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: The regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies is constantly changing and varies significantly by jurisdiction. We help you understand and navigate these regulations to ensure your cryptocurrency activities are compliant.
  3. Risk Management: Cryptocurrencies are inherently volatile and pose unique risks. We work with you to identify these risks and devise strategies to manage and mitigate them. This includes legal, financial, and reputational risks associated with cryptocurrency investments.
  4. Estate Planning: Cryptocurrencies add a new dimension to estate planning. We guide you on how to include cryptocurrencies in your estate plan in a way that ensures your assets can be accessed and transferred according to your wishes.
  5. Tax Implications: We advise on the tax implications of buying, selling, and holding cryptocurrencies. Our team stays abreast of the latest tax laws and regulations related to cryptocurrencies to help you optimize your tax strategies.
  6. Privacy and Security: We provide guidance on maintaining privacy and security in your cryptocurrency activities. This includes advice on secure storage of digital assets and maintaining privacy in transactions.

Cryptocurrencies offer exciting opportunities for family offices willing to navigate their complexities. At Montague Law, we combine our deep understanding of family office law with a keen insight into the world of cryptocurrencies, offering a comprehensive, forward-thinking legal service that keeps your family office at the forefront of wealth management.

Family Offices and Startup Law

The burgeoning field of startups presents vast opportunities for family offices. From tech innovators to green energy enterprises, family offices increasingly find promising investments in startups. However, with high potential rewards also come significant legal complexities. At Montague Law, we provide comprehensive legal guidance in startup law to help your family office navigate these complexities and maximize your startup investments.

Our legal support in this area includes:

  1. Investment Strategy: We provide legal advice on formulating an investment strategy that aligns with your family office’s goals and risk tolerance. Our team can assist with due diligence, deal structuring, and negotiation to help you make informed investment decisions.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: The regulatory landscape for startup investments can be complex, particularly when it comes to securities law. We ensure that your investments are in compliance with all relevant regulations to protect your family office from legal and financial risks.
  3. Contract Review and Negotiation: Our team is adept at reviewing and negotiating a wide range of contracts involved in startup investments, including term sheets, shareholder agreements, and purchase agreements. We work to protect your interests and maximize the benefits of your investments.
  4. Risk Management: Startups inherently carry a degree of risk. We identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them. Our risk management approach considers legal, financial, and reputational aspects to provide comprehensive protection for your family office.
  5. Exit Strategy: A well-planned exit strategy is crucial in startup investments. We provide legal advice on structuring exit strategies that optimize returns and minimize potential liabilities.
  6. Tax Planning: We guide you on the tax implications of investing in startups, helping your family office develop tax-efficient investment strategies. Our services cover domestic and international tax considerations.

Navigating the world of startups requires a nuanced understanding of multiple legal areas, from securities law to contract law, and tax law. At Montague Law, we bring this nuanced understanding to your service, helping your family office successfully navigate the exciting yet complex landscape of startup investments.


In the multifaceted world of family offices, the right legal support can significantly impact your ability to protect and grow your family’s wealth and legacy. At Montague Law, we recognize the unique needs and complexities of family offices and are committed to providing expert, personalized legal solutions to meet these needs. Our services are designed to address all aspects of family office law, whether it involves estate planning, tax law, regulatory compliance, or navigating emerging trends like cryptocurrencies and startup investments.

We believe in the power of proactive legal planning and robust risk management, and our team brings their extensive experience and depth of knowledge to provide the highest level of legal service. Led by John Montague, a seasoned expert in family office law, our team is ready to serve as your trusted legal advisors and partners.

Whether you are establishing a new family office, looking to improve the legal structures of an existing one, or need expert advice on a specific aspect of family office law, we invite you to discover how Montague Law can help you safeguard and enhance your family’s legacy.

To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment with John Montague, contact us today. We look forward to exploring how we can best serve your family office’s unique legal needs.

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