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At Montague Law, we help individuals, businesses, organizations, DAOs, and investors navigate the complex legal aspects surrounding cryptocurrency, including federal, state, and securities regulation, taxation, smart contracts, exchange compliance, and more.

Dealing with the legal intricacies surrounding digital assets can be challenging, especially with the legal landscape constantly shifting. If you need legal representation or advice on a digital asset-related matter, give us a call at 904-234-5653.

Experts in DAO-Related Businesses

Montague Law advises clients on all aspects of formation, governance and operation of Wyoming decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) limited liability companies (LLCs). Our attorneys are industry leaders who have deep knowledge and experience creating Articles of Organization and Operating Agreements, and ensuring compliance with Wyoming and federal law.

Montague Law provides legal services including, but not limited to: DAO Formation, Tokenomics Development, and the establishment of Governance Structures. As a leading law firm in the industry, we help in:

  • Determining whether a DAO LLC is the appropriate structure
  • Conducting a comprehensive analysis to determine whether the membership interest is a security under US law
  • Drafting the Articles of Organization and operating agreement
  • Developing the DAO’s strategy and management

Legal Partner for the greater Ethereum and Cryptocurrencies community

To support clients in this uncertain and rapidly-developing legal environment, our legal teams possess a thorough understanding of current laws relating to smart contracts, tokenomics, DAOs, and all things blockchain.

Our team works closely with clients to develop creative approaches to managing legal risk in dynamic legal environments with business objectives always at the forefront.

At Montague Law, we provide legal services for blockchain-based businesses including:

  • Venture capital and fundraising
  • Ensuring securities compliance
  • Addressing AML/KYC concerns
  • Identifying stakeholder liability risk
  • Structuring of smart contracts
  • Formation and operation of tokenized funds
  • Preparing private offering memorandum and subscription documents
  • Advising on jurisdiction and cross-jurisdictional issues

Leading the charge on counsel services for blockchain-based businesses and organizations

Our experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space allows us to create bespoke services to help our clients navigate the increasingly complex web of laws and regulations around the industry. We’ve represented clients who were just starting out, to well-established foundations. 

Excelling in legal representation for the Blockchain industry

We help organizations navigate the legal intricacies of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. You can easily contact us by calling us at 904-234-5653

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