Distressed Real Estate

Navigating Distressed Real Estate with Montague Law

At Montague Law, we’ve established a tightly woven team of legal experts who are skilled in delivering strategic advice and commercial solutions to lenders, investors, and developers/owners when encountering challenges or opportunities with distressed commercial real estate.

What does a real estate financing attorney do?

Meeting the Needs of Lenders: Guarding Interests, Managing Collateral

Lenders navigating through distressed real estate scenarios need the protection of knowledgeable commercial litigation and bankruptcy attorneys, along with the strategic guidance of business-oriented real estate lawyers. These legal experts help maintain control over real estate collateral, secure a clear and marketable title, safeguard entitlements, and manage the property sale once the title is taken. Our offerings for lenders include:

  • Loan Workouts: Our attorneys work closely with lenders to negotiate and restructure the terms of loans when borrowers are unable to meet the obligations.
  • Florida Mortgage Foreclosure and Debt Collection: We ensure that the rights of lenders are protected throughout the process of foreclosure and debt collection in Florida.
  • Bankruptcy-Related Services: We provide comprehensive legal services, such as relief from automatic stay, protection of lender’s cash collateral used by the debtor, and ensuring maximum collateral valuation.
  • Comprehensive REO Services: We manage all aspects of REO properties, from title exceptions review and clean-up to addressing environmental issues and permitting.

Protecting Developers/Owners: Loan Renegotiation and More

Developers and owners require astute negotiation and strategic guidance to manage distressed real estate scenarios successfully. At Montague Law, we provide:

  • Loan Renegotiation and Workouts: We assist in renegotiating the terms of loans and restructuring them to ensure owners can meet their obligations.
  • Lease Restructuring: We help in modifying lease agreements to suit the current financial situation.
  • Short Sales: Our team provides guidance throughout the short sale process, helping to alleviate the burden of loans that exceed the property value.
  • Protection During Bankruptcy: We provide critical guidance to owners when tenants in bankruptcy choose to either assume or reject unexpired leases.

Diverse Real Estate Services for Complex Challenges

Montague Law extends its services beyond traditional legal support to cater to various aspects of distressed real estate:

  • Fractured Condominiums: We assist in handling bulk sales and advise on successor developer statuses.
  • Community Development District Assessments: Our team provides guidance on district assessments and governance.
  • Real Estate Tax Certificates: We assist with tax certificate applications and tax deed sales.
  • Homeowners/Condominium Association Assessments: We oversee association assessments and governance to ensure compliance.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: We provide legal support to secure your intellectual property rights related to real estate.


At Montague Law, we understand the intricate dynamics of distressed real estate and the distinct needs of lenders, developers/owners, and investors. Our mission is to provide comprehensive legal assistance, guiding them through challenges and capitalizing on opportunities in distressed real estate scenarios. Our team combines an in-depth understanding of real estate law with a practical, business-focused approach to offer expert advice and solutions that meet the unique requirements of each client.

Let a Jacksonville Real Estate Attorney Help

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