Crypto in Estate Planning: A New Asset Challenge

Crypto in estate planning introduces a unique blend of digital currency and security-like characteristics, demanding innovative adaptation in asset management. The emergence of cryptocurrencies as a distinct asset class is reshaping modern estate planning strategies.

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Fraud statute of limitations

Exploring Cryptocurrency Taxation: Strategies and Compliance

Uncover the complexities of cryptocurrency taxation, including IRS treatment, capital gains implications, and the importance of accurate basis calculation. Learn about specific identification methods and the critical need for guidance from securities counsels, tax advisors, and CPAs. Navigate the evolving world of digital asset taxation with expert insights and ensure full compliance.

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Blockchain laws

Understanding When Crypto Assets Qualify as Unregistered Securities: A Comprehensive Guide

Recent statements from Coinbase and the SEC have reignited discussions about when crypto assets should be classified as securities. Amid growing uncertainties in the cryptocurrency industry, a comprehensive exploration of this issue is needed. Blockchain technology, fungible tokens, and cases like the recent SEC vs Ripple Inc. verdict play pivotal roles in these debates, raising crucial questions about whether the tokens themselves or their sales transactions should be classified as securities.

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